Do you know why it’s a good idea drink sour milk when eating?

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Do you know why it’s a good idea to drink sour milk when eating?

Have you ever wondered that in our stomach and intestines? How do they work? To help digest the food that we eat into nutrients. That the body can absorb. Bring it to the body to use tirelessly and tirelessly.

     Come to think of it some meals we enjoy a big roast beef buffet. Or having to meet a party. Where the food comes continuously. How hard does our stomach and intestines have to work?

The functioning of our digestive system works wonders, and Sanook! Health loves reading stories like this. If reviewing high school knowledge Many science students will remember. That there is both mechanical and chemical digestion.

Mechanical digestion For example. It is easy to see is that we chew food or constriction of the stomach and intestines

     chemical digestion is to use various enzymes existing in our body cause the molecules. Of food to change and has a smaller molecular size, like our saliva, gastric juice, it’s all right

     Imagine our 3 meals in which the digestive system does all the work. Our digestive system must work incessantly. foods that are difficult to digest There are a lot of them. In addition, most of them are foods that we like to eat. Each of them would have to cry Ouch! For example, foods that contain a lot of fat, such as pork leg rice or various fried foods, pasta, bread, are all in the list of difficult to digest foods. We should find a way to help our digestive system.

 One of the best aids that help in the digestion of our food very well. That is. good microorganisms that live in This is our digestive tract. Also known as “probiotics” (Probiotics), but there are times when our probiotics can be reduced. If we eat unhealthy food not enough rest or even stress!

     Therefore, if you want our digestive system to work efficiently, you need to add probiotics to your body. By eating foods that contain probiotics such as kimchi, yogurt and sour milk, which “Delight” fermented milk contains emulus, a good strain of probiotic microorganisms. Helps with digestion and absorption of nutrients better Plus no fat, no cholesterol. and also helps to strengthen the immune system for the body as well

     Delight fermented milk comes in 3 flavors to choose from: delicious formula (red), low sugar formula (blue), and 0.1% sugar formula that uses natural stevia. It can be said that probiotics can be added to our body easily. according to your favorite taste on a daily basis

     But there are many formulas to choose from. Which recipe will you choose to be delicious? When is a good time? โปรโมชั่น ufabet has a few tips for you.