Migraine headache that causes distress for people of working age

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Migraine headache that causes distress for people of working age.

Headaches or migraines are considered a painful symptom and cause great difficulty for some working people, even to the point that they have become a congenital disease. But I believe that no one wants to have migraines. So why do we have migraine headaches? Let’s see ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.com

Migraine is a type of disease. That tends to cause frequent headaches. It is a disease that causes chronic headaches. The important characteristic is that the headaches usually only occur on one side or start with pain on one side first and then pain on both sides each time the symptoms occur. pain Often move side to side or change positions. Sometimes pain on both sides may occur at the same time. Most patients with migraine are those who are in reproductive age Which is more common in women than men and often in people with high emotional and mental stress.

Characteristics of migraine headaches

– Often there is a throbbing pain from time to time, but sometimes That’s a dull ache.

– Most of the time, the pain will be severe, moderate to very severe. The pain will gradually increase, little by little, until the pain is fully severe, then gradually relieve the pain until it disappears.

– While having a headache, nausea or vomiting is often associated with it.

– The duration of the pain may last several hours, in most cases it does not last more than 1 day. In some cases, there may be warning symptoms beforehand, such as blurred vision or seeing flashing lights. The pain is unable to choose a time. Some may Pain in the middle of the night or pain since waking up. In some cases, pain may occur from before going to bed until waking up. The pain may still not go away.

Diagnosis: The patient has migraine.

– Characteristics of pain such as location, intensity, nature of pain, and progression of pain.

– Associated symptoms such as fever, red eyes, bulging eyes, runny or foul-smelling nose, nausea and dizziness.

– Abnormalities in the functioning of the brain or various organs that cause pain, such as slow thinking, double vision, weakness in the arms and legs, and staggering walking.

– The doctor may need to send additional tests to make a differential diagnosis that may have similar symptoms to migraine.

– Factors that trigger pain such as stress, bright light, certain foods, fasting, and insufficient sleep.

– Pain relieving factors such as sleep, scalp massage, taking medicine and Ayurvedic acupressure.

How to relieve migraine pain

Sleeping and taking medicine may help relieve migraine pain, but another method that can help relieve it is Ayurvedic acupressure massage. which is a treatment for symptoms In terms of muscle and bone structure using the Trigger Point technique or muscle pain points. Caused by contraction until it becomes lumpy and sensitive to stimulation (Hyperirritability), it causes pain in the muscles and also affects the circulatory system, which causes various symptoms and illnesses.

Migraine headaches may have a chance of being passed on through genetics. Health care Not having problems and avoiding migraines is something that everyone does. Must be given importance and must be done for good health.