The dangers of “MSG” if you eat too much Risk of palpitations

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The dangers of “MSG” if you eat too much Risk of palpitations – temporary paralysis

“MSG” is not a condiment that is harmful to the body in terms of ingredients. Because, as many people know, real is produced by fermenting molasses from sugar cane. or sugar from tapioca starch. Which is a natural raw material. But can have side effects on the body in case people eat it with allergies. or overeating. Report from ทางเข้า ufabet

Why do people like to put MSG into food?

Dr. Danai Thiwanda, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Health, said that the popularity of adding in food It is believed that it will help increase the taste of food to be more delicious. In fact, is call Monosodium Glutamate. Which also contains sodium will dissolve the fat to blend with the water. It tastes like meat broth and stimulates the nerve endings of the tongue and throat, making the food sweet and delicious.

Dangers of “MSG”

In case of allergy to MSG or eating too much May cause side effects to the body as follows

  1. Numbness in the mouth, tongue, or in the face and ears
  2. Pain in the muscles around the cheekbones, nape of the neck, chest
  3. heart beat slows down
  4. shortness of breath
  5. stomach ache
  6. Nausea, vomiting
  7. thirsty
  8. dizzy
  9. If there is a severe allergic reaction, the heart may beat abnormally faster.
  10. It can be dangerous to the point of temporary paralysis.
  11. Pregnant women can harm their unborn child.

Prevention of the dangers of MSG

Consumers should avoid stores that add too much. And the stores themselves should put MSG in small amounts. Or the best way is to use broth. That is boiled from animal bones instead of adding MSG or seasoning powder. In addition, adding other seasonings can give a mellow taste. Therefore, there is no need to add a lot to enhance the taste.