Edinson Cavani is always get ready for Manchester United

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Edinson Cavani, Manchester United striker, told local media to ask from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, his team’s manager, why the 2021-22 season sends less competition. Personal, ready to do everything accordingly. Professional way, even if the role is just a backup.

‘ Edy ‘ had the option to extend his contract for one more season at Old Trafford, but had to exchange the No.7 shirt and share his playing time with the striker from Portuguese.  

Edinson Cavani is always get ready for Manchester United

When positive for the presence of Aung Stony Marxist Royal , Mason Greenwood , rookie Jay Don Sancho and Pot the balls Marcus Ranch Ford was substantially affect the spear aged 34 years. more than before.

“ In the world of football you always have to prepare yourself. This is one of the keys that lead us to a high-level player. ” An open mouth with ‘ El Observador ‘.

 Sometimes you get down often , sometimes getting a little racingand manager . The team is decided. But that doesn’t stop you from working hard to keep yourself competitive. ”

 The league season has just begun. I still need the team, although not as much as last year. But being at the club is to be part of the team. ” 

 Cavani has only made four appearances this season. The only start in the weekend was a 1-1 draw with Everton. According to reprots by ufabet