Jurgen Klopp complained Diego Simeone deliberately running away

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp complained through an interview after the game’s 3-2 win over Atletico Madrid in the Champions League group stage yesterday. In the case of rival trainer Diego Simeone deliberately running away. By passing the etiquette of handshaking is a lack of good sportsmanship.

Klopp – Simeone splashes before kickoff According to accounts lodged at the ‘ Bear ‘ rake ‘ Reds ‘ round knock-out punch off . Now the year 2020. 

Jurgen Klopp complained Diego Simeone deliberately running away

until reaching the Wanda game Metropolitano As soon as referee Daniel Seebert blew the game, the Argentine boss flinched and ran into the dressing room, allowing ‘ JK ‘ to walk up to Ge, only raising his thumb as an irony.  

When the media came to ask after the match, so they arranged a large set, “ Why am I angry ? I’m not an idiot to lure you in. What’s the fuss here? 

” As far as I can imagine you guys are trying to make it an issue – I want to shake hands but he ( Simeone ) doesn’t want to do that -“

“ At this point I also don’t understand what’s going on. The guy ran away inside. He must have been shocked. I have the same mood. When you act unattractive and ask to make it more realistic. ”

“ Do you come and tell me that I am angry when I see that I am angry ? Up until now, it’s really something because of your questions. Come on guys. ”

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