Napoli 1 – AC Milan 1

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AC Milan qualified for the Champions League semi-finals after drawing 1-1 at Napoli in a game. Where both sides took penalties but failed to score.

Football Uefa Champions League

Napoli (Italy) 1 – AC Milan (Italy) 1

Stadium: Stadio Diego Armando Maradona

Napoli, who lost 1-0 in their first leg have fit striker Victor Osimhen back in the starting XI. But the defensive line does not have Kim Min-Jae, who is suspended. And AC Milan calls Rafael Leao and Olivier Giroud, who are reserve league games. Returning to the real one. 

The game started.

In the first 20 minutes. Napoli were on the offensive side as expected. But the finishing moment will not be informed yet. And Milan has no chance to bring the ball into the home penalty area UFABET

But instead, it was Milan who got a penalty in the 21st minute when attacking into the Napoli penalty area for the first time. And Rafael Leao was knocked down by Mario Rui in the Olivier Giroud penalty area take charge of shooting. But hit the save of Alex Meret, who hit the right way to defend well.

Napoli seemed to have a heart that escaped the goal and made it hard to continue immediately. And there was a chance to shoot again in the 26th minute, Giovanni Di Lorenzo, opening from the right into the center for Piotr Selinski to run and shoot. But the ball straight to Mike Mengong did not get into the envelope difficult.

Milan attacked less but almost got it again after intercepting the ball in front of the penalty area, Sandro Tonali passed Giroud to dodge Rahmani before firing from the left from 12 yards, Alex Meret darting in the wrong direction, but Still can use the leg to save it narrowly 

Napoli’s situation is not looking good with two injured players at the same time, Mario Rui and Matteo Politano, leaving Mathias Oliveira and Irving Lozano. Played instead in the 34th minute  

In the 43rd minute, it was Milan who took the lead 1-0 from a missed pass by Kwicha Kwaratchakelia that Rafael Leao cut before pulling from his own territory until entering the penalty area on the left side of Napoli. Before signing the ball for Olivier Giroud to run and shoot less than 10 yards into the net

In stoppage time.

Victor Ozimen blocked the ball from Simon Kear before hitting the net. But the referee blew that the defenders spearheaded the handball first. Makes the end of the first half where Milan leads 1-0 

The second half started less than a minute, Napoli should be able to equalize in the rhythm of the left side of Quaratchkelia, who locked past Calabria before firing a six-yard shot in front of Mengnan, but the ball flew past the crossbar.

58 minutes Napoli find another opportunity from the unique ability of Kvaratchkelia The same person who had dribbled between the two visiting team players before had dropped and struck with a left hand from 10 yards, but the ball was a little too high, causing it to cross the crossbar.

Napoli received a penalty in the 81st minute when Giovanni Di Lorenzo crossed the ball into the penalty area and caught Fikayo Tomori before it was Kwicha Kvartschkelia. Taking charge of killing, firing with full force on the right, shifting into the post, but Mike Menyong hits the right way, knocks the ball out after Napoli, so Napoli misses the equalizing goal.

During the injury time, Napoli followed a 1-1 draw from the moment Giacomo Raspadori opened the ball from the right for Victor Osiemen to head a 12-yard header into the net, but only got that. Milan always invaded the end of the game. Poli 1-1 leads to advance with 2-1 on aggregate.