Peter Crouch was impressed by Phil Foden’s performance

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BT Sport analyst Peter Crouch was impressed by Phil Foden’s performance in Manchester City’s 5-1 Champions League win over Club Brugge in the group stage yesterday. In particular, the assist score 1-0 to Joao Cancelo is smooth.

Foden scooped the ball with his left foot, weighing his feet from almost the middle of the field, leaving the left side for Ganselo to run to rest and complete the shot in the frame.  

That makes the former England striker have to come out to watch the younger generation come in. Such a brilliant form, it’s really worth the fans’ tickets to the stadium.

“ I enjoy watching him play. To be honest I painted so that we enjoy the ” runners up The Beach . Year 2007 said.

“ We talk about him at the low withdrawal. Knowing that the first position is the target striker. But when you come down to pick up the ball and make it yourself. It’s a joy to see when you see the style. ”

Peter Crouch was impressed by Phil Foden’s performance 

“As long as the ball is on the feet, you can see the balance , the weight. It fits every inch from the depths to the front. Look at him and enjoy it too much. ”

Double sided criticism Joe Leon Leslie Popham was watching kids sculpt City the first half very cool.  

“ This game he was allowed to move freely. But with the ability to turn the ball over, play and dribbling , find a position to receive the ball in the gap of the line. He tried to carry it up to the front first. ” 

“ He is always trying to set himself up and create jobs for opponents defensive games. This is a commendable first half performance. ” 

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